"Who you become today, determines how you are remembered tomorrow"

Legacy Training and Development is a tribute to my parents, Bill and Judy Dick, who left their own legacies in our community and lives.   In our hometown of Alton, Illinois, Mom was an active volunteer at church, the women’s shelter and the local museum.  Dad was a pharmacist and veteran of war.  July 4th was our holiday!  We hosted annual July 4th parades, parties, and gatherings for family and friends and at the center of it all, dad patriotically dressed as Uncle Sam.  When dad passed away, friends honored his legacy with “God Bless Uncle Sam” banners. 

Mom and Dad gave so much to so many and today their legacy lives on in those lives they touched and in everything we do at Legacy Training and Development. 

What will your legacy be?

About Diane

Diane is an internationally experienced designer, speaker, trainer and coach with 32 years of experience She has a unique ability to create highly interactive, applicable training programs focused on behavioral safety, leadership and employee development.

She’s also an active member of the John Maxwell Leadership Training Team who is has experience working with employees on all levels.  Her strengths include building highly effective teams, engaged employees, influential leaders and sustainable cultures.  Diane provides a strategic approach producing impactful results!   Customized programs designed with your future in mind.  Contact Diane directly for more information!

Diane's Lessons from Sadie and Sophie

Whether you are a parent, an educator or a leader, these are the simple life lessons that make us all a bit better!  I've bridged my love for dogs with my love for growth and development into one entertaining, but highly effective program of leadership lessons applicable in all areas of life.


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